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表面分析 SPM


SIGMA's compact UHV SPM head

The ultra-compact TRIBUS is a universal SPM for a wide variety of applications. Whether for SPM-spectroscopy, surface imaging, or manipulation of nanoparticles, for experiments at elevated temperatures or at the milli-Kelvin scale, in high magnetic fields or in spatially tight environments, the TRIBUS-SPM is the ideal choice whenever highest resolution, accuracy and flexibility are required.


Flow Cryostat UHV-SPM

The STREAM combines advantages of a cost effective low temperature flow cryostat platform with the attractive features of the TRIBUS SPM head including 3D coarse motion, high intrinsic stability, easy tip and sample exchange, and optical access...


Closed Cycle UHV SPM

The new SIGMA INFINITY UHV SPM is a low-temperature SPM for high-resolution STM, qPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments. A pulse tube cooler is employed to cool the UHV SPM in a new, unique design. This renewable cryostat, which has no moving parts in the cold head and very long service intervals, belongs to the next generation of cryostats that are independent of cryogenic liquids. The handling of liquid helium or liquid nitrogen is no longer necessary, thus making instrument use simpler and safer. The instrument can stay cold for several months without the need for any maintenance of the cryostat.


Bath Cryostat UHV SPM

The new SIGMA POLAR UHV SPM is a low-temperature Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) for highest resolution STM, qPlus®-AFM, and spectroscopy experiments in a temperature range of between <5K and 300K and in high magnetic fields of up to 5T.
The ultra-compact design of the cryostat with a height of <60cm ensures an immense mechanical stiffness and thus results in an excellent STM stability.

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