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The EC-I series provides state-of-the-art performance for various growth and deposition techniques including MBE, sputtering and CVD. The EC-I offers continuous substrate rotation, high temperature and high uniformity heating, DC/RF biasing up to 300W, and facilities for substrate transfer, while maintaining true UHV compatibility.  

The series includes models to accommodate SEMI standard wafers from 2" to 200mm diameter. Special substrate cradles can be provided to accommodate specific substrate shapes and designs up to 200mm diameter.   



The EC-R supports the substrate at a right-angle to the plane of the mounting flange. It can then provide continuous substrate rotation, tilt, heating and electrical biasing. It can also be mounted on UHVD's range of manipulators to provide motion in the X, Y and Z axes. The base EC-R configuration provides polar rotation to adjust the angle of incidence with respect to the deposition flux and sample heating. The modular EC-R concept provides the flexibility to select options such as azimuthal rotation to continuously rotate the substrate to maximise temperature and deposition uniformity.



Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) is creating great interest in areas where structured three-dimensional deposition is required. Based on UHV Design's highly successful EpiCentre range, the GLAD stage provides an in-line solution (as with 
the EC-I Series) but with the addition of substrate tilt. Being an in-line stage, a large range of axial (Z) motion can be provided. 

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